Soul Song Choir is a non-religious group creating positive and passionate experiences through learning and performing of a range of uplifting pop, soul and gospel music.

We believe singing builds community and enriches the lives of our singers emotionally, physically and psychologically.  

We value individualism, artistry, humour, excellence, musical independence, discipline, potential, beauty, high expectations, commitment, joy, soaring spirits and the value of every member, past and present.

We are recognised for our energy and passion and are characterised by our sense of humour and commitment to not taking things too seriously. This approach makes both the choir and our music very accessible to the old and young, the sophisticated and first-time listener - whether as performers or spectators.

We are a diverse group of men and women who care passionately about the quality of our vocal sound and the professionalism of our performance and production values.


Soul Song Choir aims to make a difference in the lives of our singers, our audiences and our community through the power of group singing.


Soul Song Choir strives to:
  • Provide a fun, inclusive and accessible place for singers of all ages and ability to discover the joy and transformative power of group singing;
  • Continually seek performance opportunities to showcase the work of our members, drive new membership and provide service to our community;
  • Explore new and innovative programming opportunities including repertoire, performance styles, collaboration with other groups such as other choirs, dance troupes, actors, or instrumental ensembles, as well as combined concerts with other visual arts such as film, artwork, or photography;
  • Improve the musical quality and vocal skills of each of our singers through regular rehearsals, workshops, retreats and other avenues;
  • Value each and every member of our choir and the skills and talents that they bring by providing opportunities to showcase and develop these further;
  • Implement technological innovation in all operations of the organisation, employing the use of the Internet, e-mail communication, and other technologies to maximum effect in outreach and the marketing of our performances, communication with our supporters, and in the recruitment and retention of participants and volunteers.


Soul Song has a range of values that we believe should be upheld by both leadership and members (known as Soulsters).
  • Integrity - The values which are promoted as a choir should be matched by members in the way they treat themselves and other members,
  • Transparency - We are open and transparent about our beliefs and mission and in matters of publicity, fundraising, employment, etc.
  • Honesty and Accountability - All leaders and members of Soul Song are expected to exercise wisdom, integrity and responsibility in using the talents and resources given to us.
  • Diversity - We recognise and respect that there are varying values and beliefs to which people adhere within our communities and that these should not be at odds with the values of Soul Song.
  • Commitment to each other - Soul Song cares about its members and is committed to supporting them wherever possible to achieve their personal goals.  Where issues may arise within the choir, we will handle them with care and compassion.
  • Equality - All members of our choir are considered equal, regardless of what skills or ability they bring to the group and no single member should ever be made to feel less than that by leadership or other members.
  • Transformation - We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realise their true potential and thus make a full contribution to the choir and to society in general.  A belief that as we grow and change, not only are we transformed, but that the world around us is also impacted.
  • Community - We believe that a healthy community is one in which people feel they belong, and that successful delivery of our mission happens when members feel they fit in and have a role to play within and beyond our membership.  The importance of a goal focused organisation where a collaborative atmosphere is fostered in order to achieve great things.  Creating and encouraging strength in unity as a result.
  • Musical Excellence - While we believe that the process of what we do as a choir is almost more important than our musical product, we are committed to striving for musical excellence and to building the musical ability of all members.
  • Friendship - We find joy in seeing deep relationships forged through the power of song.
  • Commitment - We value commitment from our members to sustaining our vision and upholding our values.