the choir that's not like a choir

Soul Song Cairns burst onto the Cairns singing scene in 2010 and grew quickly from a group of 20 regular singers to our current membership of close to 100.

We quickly shattered most people's pre-conceived ideas of what a choir is and developed a reputation for being energetic and passionate, with a repertoire of music that is designed to make you feel good.

We perform regularly at a range of Community events throughout the year and then stage one or two major concerts of our own.  2020 will see Soul Song Cairns celebrating its 10th year with a mid year showcase, tour to Tasmania and our ig annual concert on 7 November.

Soul Song Cairns rehearses pretty much every Tuesday although we do take the odd week off during school holidays so please check the calendar below to make sure there's a rehearsal on before you come along.

New members are welcome at any time.  You don't need to get in touch first but you are welcome to give us a call or drop us an email first so that we know you're coming.

As Jaq, the founder, now lives in Brisbane, Soul Song Cairns is run from week to week by a team of admin volunteers and a talented team of section leaders, who we refer to as the Musical Magicians (or Mugicians for short!).  These Mugicians run most weeks as sectional rehearsals which means splitting off into the various voice parts to learn songs separately before bringing them all together for a sing through at the end.  This was a new initiative in 2018 and proved super popular as it reduces the amount of time spent sitting around while another section learns their part.

Then roughly every three weeks or so, Jaq flies up and runs a full combined rehearsal to work on some of the tougher songs in the repertoire.

We start singing at 7.15pm but someone is normally at the hall from 6.30pm so you are welcome to come in early and say hi before the rush.  We stop half way through rehearsal for tea and coffee and bikkies and finish at 9.30pm.

Rehearsals are obviously primarily about working on repertoire and building vocal technique but we try to mix up rehearsals each week to keep them interesting.

Those who come the most often get the most out of Soul Song but there is no expectation for people to come every single week and we have lots of resources available for those who miss a week or a few to help them catch up if they want to.  You'll get more information on this when you join.

We will give you a folder and all the lyrics you need once you've signed up. Then each week you come, you just need to bring some water, a highlighter, pen or pencil, your folder and reading glasses if you're of that kind of age!


Soul Song Cairns rehearses on Tuesdays from 7.15pm at the Cairns Revival Centre, 58 Arthur Street, Manunda.

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