the choir that's not like a choir

Soul Song Cairns burst onto the Cairns singing scene in 2010 and grew quickly from a group of 20 regular singers to our current membership of close to 100.

We quickly shattered most people's pre-conceived ideas of what a choir is and developed a reputation for being energetic and passionate, with a repertoire of music that is designed to make you feel good.

We perform regularly at a range of Community events throughout the year and then stage one or two major concerts of our own. 

Soul Song Cairns is run from week to week by a team of admin volunteers and a talented team of section leaders, who we refer to as the Musical Magicians (or Mugicians for short!).  These Mugicians - Sarah, Rhiannon and Claire share the teaching and directing duties between them, ably assisted by Paul on all things tech. 

Then roughly twice a term, Jaq, founder of Soul Song, flies up from Brisbane to join the choir for sectionals, camps and performances, just so they don't forget her!


Soul Song Cairns rehearses pretty much every Tuesday although we do take the odd week off during school holidays so please check the calendar to make sure there's a rehearsal on before you come along.

New members are welcome at any time and your first rehearsal is free so you can check us out without obligation. You don't have to let us know you're coming but you can give Jaq a call first on 0412 255 587 if it will help with the first rehearsal nerves!

We start singing at 6.30pm but check in opens from 6.10pm so you're welcome to come in a bit early.  Rehearsals go through until 8.30pm. 

Rehearsals are obviously primarily about working on repertoire and building vocal technique but we try to mix up rehearsals each week to keep them interesting.

Those who come the most often get the most out of Soul Song but there is no expectation for people to come every single week and we have lots of resources available for those who miss a week or a few to help them catch up if they want to.  You'll get more information on this when you join.

We will give you a folder and all the lyrics you need once you've signed up. Then each week you come, you just need to bring some water, a highlighter, pen or pencil, your folder and reading glasses if you're of that kind of age!



  • Cairns Senior Cizitens Centre, 271 Gatton Street, Westcourt 
  • Each session runs from 6.30-8.30pm, with time for a drink / cuppa afterwards. BYO mug with tea/ coffee or something a bit stronger if you prefer and we'll provide the hot water and bikkies
  • As each group learns the same repertoire, members can attend Brisbane rehearsal if they are ever down South. In addition, Brisbane rehearsals are live streamed on Monday and Wednesday nights so Cairns members can join those if they want to catch up on a missed Cairns rehearsal. 
  • For those with accessibility requirements, all of our rehearsal venues are wheelchair accessible. We do recommend that you give us a call before coming along though just to make sure we're expecting you and can make your arrival as easy as possible.


  • Your first rehearsal is free so you can come along and check us out without obligation!

  • Once your fees are paid, you can attend as many rehearsals a week online or in person as you want
  • Fees can be paid by the term or on a weekly basis, via an automated recurring subscription
  • Term fees are $205 standard or $133 concession
  • Weekly fees are $18 standard or $12 concession
  • Concession rates apply to students, concession card holders, pensioners etc

Please note:

  • Term payments - there are no refunds for unused rehearsals, however, you can switch between term payments and weekly payments each term so if you know that you're going to miss a chunk of rehearsals in any given term. you might want to pay weekly that term.
  • Weekly payments -
    • this is an automated weekly payment, that will be charged on the same day each week. 
    • weekly payments are paid regardless of whether you attend rehearsal that week
    • if you're not able to attend your regular rehearsal in person on any given week, you are able to attend an alternate rehearsal in person or online, watch a rehearsal recording or watch a video tutorial - so you don't need to miss out
    • if you know you are going to be away for more than two weeks at a time, you can pause your weekly subscription until you return, without affecting your access to resources and emails etc. It can also be cancelled at any time if you don't want to continue your membership.  Please note that the subscription payments can't be turned on and off on a weekly basis depending on whether or not you'll be attending. It's like any subscription membership to a gym or fitness classes etc. 
  • It's possible to switch between memberships at the start of each term as required
  • You can view all the membership inclusions and read more about the two different types of membership here:


We rehearse almost every week of the year, starting from w/c 16 January 2024.  This year's term dates are:
  • Term 3: 1 July - 22 September (12 weeks)
    • No break in rehearsals in September due to upcoming concerts
  • Term 4: 23 September - 12 December (12 weeks)