Stay socially distanced but corporately connected

How do you unite a team when the only way they can get together is online?

How can you boost morale, inject energy and deepen connections when your entire workforce can only meet up virtually?

Bring back the buzz with a virtual workplace choir!  Singing together is scientifically proven to create connections and improve mood and creativity and in the workplace, the benefits are even more far reaching.

Whether it’s physical or virtual the many benefits of a corporate choir include:
  • Enhanced employee engagement;
  • Citeable positive impact on mental health;
  • Increased listening skills;
  • Improved employee bonding and teamwork;
  • Provides inter-organisational connections and relationships;
  • Breaks down management hierarchy;
  • Builds leadership;
  • Inspires innovation;
  • Relieves stress;
  • Improves mood;
  • Reinforces inclusivity;
  • Provides mental ‘time-out’ and
  • Establishes an appreciation of the arts.
And the unique benefit of a virtual corporate choir is that you can literally sing like no-one is listening – because they aren’t!!!  As it’s impossible to all sing together online in real time, singers get to belt out the songs in the comfort of their own home or office space without fear of judgement from those around.
Do you have a special event in the office diary? A charity you want to raise money for? Or just looking for ways to keep your team connected while physically separated?  We have a range of virtual corporate choir options that will work for you.

Corporate Choir Virtual Video

This is a ‘one-off’ team building project that can be completed in 10-14 days from start of the project to completed video. 

Our team will create a suite of resources that will see your staff coming together online in an energetic and fun environment to learn a two or three part pop song which they then record individually and submit to us so that we can stitch them together into one virtual choir video.

Assets include:
  • An interactive online rehearsal webinar with a team of live singers to demonstrate all parts. Your staff can tune in live from home or the office to interact in real time with our team or watch the recording at any stage. The rehearsals are high energy and a lot of fun. 
  • Lyrics and sheet music (for those that can read it)
  • MP3 learning tracks for just their part
  • Individual video tutorials for each voice part
  • Detailed instructions on how to record and submit the video
  • A recording video to sing along to with lyrics on screen and ‘one on one’ connection with the director
  • Optional zoom rehearsals or tutorials can be included 
  • Completed virtual choir video for sharing on social media
Check out some of our virtual choir video examples here.

Corporate Choir 

This is a longer-term project where we spend time each week online with your team teaching a range of fun and funky songs and teaching the basic techniques of singing together in a choir.

The process of singing the harmonies and learning together will see your team's connection strengthen week by week.

The rehearsals can be the end goal in themselves, with a view to one day performing together once the team can meet in person, or this longer-term choir can also be combined with the production of a virtual choir video. 

Rehearsal packages start from 6 weeks through to an indefinite, ongoing project.  When COVID restrictions permit, corporate choirs can also be run in person.

Teambuilding singing workshop

This is a one-off 60-90 minute interactive workshop where we will get your team up and singing – even those that think they don’t want to!

In a fun and energetic way, we will explore why humans sing and the benefits of singing before bringing people together in a very non-threatening, fun way to have a go at it themselves. We start with some simple exercises and end up all singing ‘together’. 

This session can be done online or in person (COVID restrictions permitting) and we guarantee that it will leave your team buzzing!  

Contact Jacqueline on 0412 255587 or for more information on how to keep your team socially distanced but corporately connected