Do you have a special event in the office diary? A charity you want to raise money for? Or are you just looking for ways to connect, energise and motivate your team?

Whatever your goal, we have a range of corporate choir options that will work for you.

The benefits of a corporate choir are many, including:
  • Enhanced employee engagement;
  • Citeable positive impact on mental health;
  • Increased listening skills;
  • Improved employee bonding and teamwork;
  • Improved inter-organisational connections and relationships;
  • Breaking down management hierarchy;
  • Building leadership;
  • Inspiring innovation;
  • Relieving stress;
  • Improving mood;
  • Reinforcing inclusivity;
  • Providing mental ‘time-out’ and
  • Establishing an appreciation of the arts.


Bring back the buzz with this long-term / ongoing project where we spend time each week / fortnight with your team learning a range of fun and funky songs and teaching the basic techniques of singing together in a choir. 

The process of singing the harmonies and learning together will see your team’s connection strengthen week by week. 

The rehearsals can be the end goal in themselves, with the option of working towards a live performance, or this longer-term choir can also be combined with the production of a performance video (particularly useful if you have diverse work sites or team members working remotely/from home). 

Rehearsals can be held during office hours - for example, a lunchtime choir where people get to come and grab a quick bite and sing together or after hours at the end of the working day, either in the office or in a pub / independent venue. 

Sessions can be anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours with ideally a minimum of 20 singers. 

Rehearsal packages are available from 6 weeks through to an indefinite, ongoing project. 

A six week project would start from $500 per week but all quotes are prepared individually once we establish the goals and perameters of the project. 



This is a one-off, fun and funky, high energy session which brings people together to learn and record one song just for the sheer joy of it! 

Perfect for conferences or team building days, the Singing Sesh can run from 45 minutes to 2 hours and can include a introductory presentation on why we sing and the benefits of singing followed by the group singing activity, or can be just the song. 

Our team of 1-3 singers will teach your group a well known pop song in two or three part harmony (depending on numbers and length of session) which is performed at the end as a finished product. 

The final performance can be recorded (by our team or yours) and shared later, privately with your staff or on social media for customers. The works particularly well as a conference wrap up video and we can turn around an edit in as little as two hours post session if required. 

The session can be as sensible or ‘out there’ as you want, but it’s gauranteed to get everyone on their feet singing! It works for groups from 30-3000! 

The cost of a Singing Sesh starts from $800 without recording, but a customised quote will be prepared for your event, taking into account many factors such as location, duration, song choice, recording parameters, number of performers and singers and more. 



This highly interactive event that is part pub choir and part game show/trivia can be run as a one-off, fun and funky social event or as a series of themed sessions. 

Perfect for conferences or team building days, the Jukebox Singalong can run from 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

Hosted by dynamic duo Jaq Daniel, this event is best enjoyed with a drink and/or something to eat. 

The concept gets people singing along before they’ve even had a chance to worry about it and the energy from stage is infectious. With various segments to the event, including game show elments, interactive trivia AND singalong trivia, guests will get to sing a carefully curated playlist of themed bangers with unbridled enthusiasm. They might even find themselves on stage for a solo or air guitar competition! 

Each Jukebox Singalong is themed by genre (eg Aussie Rock, 80s, Broadway) or by artist (eg Queen, Taylor Swift, Abba) and is suitable for groups of over 25 people. 

The cost of a Jukebox Singalong starts from $800, but a customised quote will be prepared for your event, taking into account many factors such as location, duration and theme choice. 



The largest of all of our corporate singing options, Bangers and Mash Ups is a highly interactive and energetic event that is part mass karaoke, part game show, part concert and part musical mayhem! 

Guests are invited to ‘bang out’ their favourite hits in glorious harmony like never before as they are led through a jukebox mash-up of the greatest power ballads, rock and disco hits from the 60s to the 90s, banging out impromptu harmonies and picking up some new ones under the guidance of our funky vocal hosts. 

This 90-120 minute interactive singalong is perfect for shower singers, pop divas and even air guitar pros. Join us for a fun night of singing, games and on-the-spot competitions. 

Where all other events are hosted by 1-3 of our expert singers, this event includes a resident choir of anything from 30-100 singers (subject to venue and logistics). Their energy on stage ensures that no singer is left behind and every audience member ends up feeling like a rock star! 

Recommended for groups of over 150 people. The sky is the limit! 

The cost of the Bangers and Mash Ups show starts from $4000, but a customised quote will be 

prepared for your event. 


Corporate Choir Virtual Video

This is a ‘one-off’ team building project that can be completed in 10-14 days from start of the project to completed video that is perfect for those with teams who are not all working in the same office.  It can be held fully on line or as a hybrid event with combined online and in person sessions.

Our team will create a suite of resources that will see your staff coming together online in an energetic and fun environment to learn a two or three part pop song which they then record individually and submit to us so that we can stitch them together into one virtual choir video.

Assets include:
  • An interactive online rehearsal webinar with a team of live singers to demonstrate all parts. Your staff can tune in live from home or the office to interact in real time with our team or watch the recording at any stage. The rehearsals are high energy and a lot of fun. 
  • Lyrics and sheet music (for those that can read it)
  • MP3 learning tracks for just their part
  • Individual video tutorials for each voice part
  • Detailed instructions on how to record and submit the video
  • A recording video to sing along to with lyrics on screen and ‘one on one’ connection with the director
  • Optional zoom rehearsals or tutorials can be included 
  • Completed virtual choir video for sharing on social media

Contact Jacqueline on 0412 255587 or for more information on how to keep your team corporately connected and buzzing with joy.