Viral choir

Just keep singing!

Soul Song's mission is to get people singing! We don't care who you are, where you are or how good you are, we just beileve that your life will be better when regular singing is part of it. 

And the good news is, that it's not just us that think this - scientists all over the world have well and truly proven that singing is great for your mental and physiucal health.

In these uncertain times, as the threat of Coronavirus unfolds in Australia and throughout the world, we are beginning to see the shut down of all kinds of group activities including singing groups.  Some people are choosing to self isolate due to health vulnerabilites of their own or immediate family members while others are being forced to isolate due to travel or other potential exposure.   Many choirs, like a whole range of community activities, are therefore choosing not to run rehearsals.

We totally get that and 100% support people's choice to physically  isolate themselves - and there will come a time when we may need to cancel Soul Song rehearsals too.  But we don't want members of our choirs, of other choirs or members of the general public to be mentally or socially isolated at what is already an unsettling time.

Therefore we are creating a virtual singing group to keep our communities going - introducing The Viral Choir!!!

1st program open now!

Running from monday 23 March - Sunday 19 April - join anytime


frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?
Registrations are open now. Sign up and make payment here:

Is it just a four week program?
We are currently living in a very uncertain world where things are changing faster than most of us can keep up with! Therefore we decided to work in bit size chunks so you don't have to commit to something beyond your comfort zone.  It will be a rolling 4 week program though so once the first 4 weeks are up, we'll roll out another program with new songs and the same format. We'll keep rolling them out for as long as social distancing is required.   You can join at any stage in the 4 week program and still have access to any materials or sessions you may have missed.

How much does it cost?
The 4 week project costs $40 (Australian) which can be paid in one sum or in four weekly payments of $10.  At the end of the 4 week program, you will be invited to sign up again for another 4 weeks or to an indefinite weekly payment that can be cancelled by you at any time. 

A concession rate of $20 (Australian) is available to concession card holders and pensioners. Evidence of concession status may be requested. 

What commitment is required?
Virtually none other than your payment.  You can make as much or as little of your membership as you want. All the resources will be available to you and you can pick and choose the experiences that mean something to you. 

What songs are in the first program?

The first 4 weeks will focus on four quite different songs:

  • We are Family - This Sister Sledge song speaks for itself. It’s a fantastic and fun disco piece that will make you throw back your head, let down your hair and sing along!  Check out Soul Song Cairns performing this in 2015;
  • Something Inside So Strong - this Labi Siffre song is a strong, gospel inspired arrangement of what was originally an anti-apartheid song. It has been selected for the strength the lyrics offer in light of what we’re all facing. Check out Soul Song Cairns performing this in 2015;
  • Into the Unknown - Although this song is from Frozen 2, our version is inspired by the Panic at the Disco version and is a lot less Disney. It’s not a hard song but is a big sing and will require a lot of dramatic singing! Check out the Panic at the Disco video.
  • Don’t Give Up On Me - Andy Grammar’s powerfully simple song may or not have made me shed a tear when selecting it for the Viral Choir. It is another song about unity and strength and how we can get through this together. (Warning - the soprano part’s pretty high in this one!). Check out the original video

What equipment do I need?
You will need an internet connection and computer, smart phone or tablet that can connect to the internet.  You don't need to have a web cam although they will be used for some of the chats.  We recommend using Firefox or Chrome Browsers for all video conference and live streams. 

Do I need to be on Facebook?
Much of our activity will take place in a private Facebook group but you don't need to be on Facebook to be part of the project.  All videos and content will be available on our member only website other than the chat forums. 

Do I need any musical experience?
No!  The program it designed to get anyone and everyone singing!! It doesn't matter if you're a choir junky or you've never sung outside the shower. We teach in an energetic and passionate way that will help you find your voice in the safety of your own home. 

Will I get to hear other singers during sessions?
Unfortunately, there is no technology in the world that will allow us to all sing together online. Even a milli-second of lag creates vocal chaos!   But we have a number of initiatives in place to make the singing experience as strong as it can be: 

  • For as long as we're allowed to continue to meet in small groups in Australia, the live stream rehearsals will be delivered to a small group of singers so they will feel like 'real' rehearsals rather than me just talking at you on your screen.  As you sing, you'll hear the voices of the live choir and will be able to join them - they just won't be able to hear you!

  • Again, inline with the recommendations issued in your country throughout this pandemic, we encourage you to get together with friends and family for the live streamed rehearsals or video chats.  This will be a GREAT activity for families stuck at home together as singing in scientifically proven to be amazing at lifting spirits, building energy and creating strong connections.  You only need one membership per household and you can all have a go! Imagine if you had three people and all learned different parts of the song - you'd have your own choir at home ready to go!

  • And don't forget, at the end of the project, not only will you get to be hear yourself with all the other voices as part of the digital choir, you'll also be invited to join one of our mass performances as soon as we're allowed to meet together again.

Do I have to submit a recording?
Nope! Everything about this project is optional. If you don't want to submit a recording, you don't have to.

However, if you're not submitting a recording because you're worried about not being good enough - well address that during the course. Everyone is good enough and everyone's voice is valued.

Similarly if don't feel you have the technical know how to submit a video, we'll be doing tips and tricks and step by step guides to help you do this. 


Registrations are now open here: