Viral choir

Just keep singing!

The Viral Choir was launched in March 2020 when the global pandemic threatened to keep us from singing. 

As we saw communities and choirs across the world closing temporarily in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19, we created a new way of allowing people to sing together - introducing The Viral Choir!!!

Throughout 2020, we saw a few hundred members from all over the world join us and quickly saw a clear community emerge.  Our spirit and our songs create real connections with people who are no longer feeling isolated and who - most importantly - get to keep singing!!

In 2021, with our physical choirs back in Brisbane and Cairns, we merged the Viral Choir with Soul Song and our online members either participate on demand or as subscription members. Viral members learn the same repertoire as our physical choirs so that when borders and travel is open, they can join the physical choirs for rehearsals and performances, while also continuing to publish virtual choir videos every 2-3 weeks. Check out our membership options here

The inclusions of subscription membership that are particularly relevant for our online members are:

  • Weekly interactive Zoom rehearsals and socials (Monday nights), hosted by three live singers so you can hear exactly how the songs sound when all parts are being song. You simply follow along at home on mute and ask questions in the chat or by unmuting. 
  • Weekly hybrid rehearsals (Wednesday nights) where subscription members can join the live Brisbane rehearsal via Zoom to sing learn and sing along with the full choir sound.  
  • The opportunity (optional) to put in a recording every 2-3 weeks for a virtual choir video - see our examples below.  Submitting videos are completely optional and we have many members of VIral Choir who participate full without every submitting a recording.
  • The opportunity to join live rehearsals whenever members can travel to Brisbane or Cairns 
  • The opportunity to join us for all special events and major performances (this year in Brisbane, Cairns and Hobart)
New members are welcome at any stage and we offer a free trial rehearsal before you sign up.  Please contact Jaq on 0412 255587 or to arrange a link to join us for a trial Zoom rehearsal. 


If you're looking for a more casual sing, without any commitment, why not join one of our pop=up virtual choirs with a new song every couple of weeks while some of our states are in lockdown. 

Check out our 'I Feel Better' pop up choir video below and join our current 'Home' virtual choir which is open now, until Wedneday 28 July. Find out more here.



Soul Song subscription members have the opportunity every 2-3 weeks to be part of a virtual choir video. Not all members submit videos but it's a great learning tool and exeperience for those that do.  Check out some of the videos so far of click on the link underneath for the full playlist:






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