The quick intro to the choir that's not like a choir


Soul Song was founded in Cairns 2010 by Jacqueline Larsen and quickly grew to an average membership of around 80 men and women.  The vision was to create an all-inclusive community space where singers of all experience and ability could come together to sing.

Our first Brisbane choir was launched in November 2018 and Viral Choir was formed in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Two more Brisbane groups were added in 2022.  We have over 500 members across our various groups.

We sing a range of pop, soul and gospel music that is uplifting and motivating arranged in typically for either 3 or 4 vocal parts singing in harmony, although we have sung in as many as 7 parts. Occasionally we will sing a popular show tune or something a little bit folk-ish and we have also performed a couple of unknown originals.  

Our arrangements are either purchased or arranged by members of the choir and we perform a mix of a cappella songs (just voices only, no instruments accompanying) and with backing tracks.

Over the years, Soul Song has developed some unique characteristics that have seen it become an identifiable community. We have seen deep friendships formed as well as a number of relationships and even one marriage! Our informal motto is Sing - Laugh - Sing - Cry - Repeat. While we strive to create the best musical offering that we can, the joyful process of getting there is more important for us than the product. We are a non-religious, non-competing choir whose validation comes from a loyal membership rather than any external judging. 


Soul Song loves to perform and participate in around 4-6 community events each year such as Relay for Life, school fairs, festivals and charity events. We also occasionally perform at weddings and private events. Christmas is a very busy performance time.

We also stage a professional annual production around October / November which is our major concert as well as sometimes a mid year showcase.