Membership and Fees

We recommend that you attend a Soul Song rehearsal before signing up so you can get a feel for what we're all about.

Information on rehearsals can be found for each choir here; Cairns or Brisbane.


Once you've been to a rehearsal and signed up to the website membership you're good to go!

In simple terms, the process is:

  • You apply for membership using the form here.  Once approved, you will receive a welcome email and then will receive all member correspondence. You can easily unsubscribe from these emails at any stage by flicking us an email – we won’t be offended!
  • With the welcome email, you will also receive a login for our member only area of our website and
    a link to our Member Handbook. This contains tons of useful information on Soul Song, our Member website, how we work and more. We recommend reading it!!! You can also find a copy at any stage in the Document section of the member site.

  • Once you’re logged into the website, you can explore our member area to find recent notices, learning tracks, sheet music and more (again, all explained in the Member Handbook)

  • Work out how you want to pay your fees (outlined below).

  • When you return for your next rehearsal, ask for your membership pack. This will include a folder for your lyrics and a Soul Song badge as a welcome gift.

  • If you didn’t work it out in the first rehearsal, make sure you know what voice part you’re singing with. If you’re not sure then ask Jaq or one of the section leaders to do a voice placement with you.  This is not an audition, it's just running through a few vocal excercises with Jaq or a section leader to work out your voice part.

  • If you’re a Facebook user, join either one or both of our private Facebook chat groups: or


We have a couple of options regarding memebrship fees to suit how much you are likely to be attending.

Fees can either be paid by the term (must be paid by week 2 of each term) or on arrival at rehearsal each week as per the fee schedule below.

(Payable by week 2 of each term)

(Paid on arrival, just on the weeks you attend)

  • Via CASH at rehearsal: $138 per term
  • Via DIRECT DEPOSIT: $138 per term
  • Via CARD at rehearsal: $144 per term*
  • Via PAYPAL TRANSFER online: $144 per term* 
*extra to cover cc fees
  • Regular members: $15

  • Students or Concessions: $10

Cash / Credit / Debit Cards accepted at check in desk from 6.30-7.30pm (Cairns) or 6-7pm (Brisbane) each week
DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT TO: Soul Song Choirs Inc, BSB: 034193, ACC: 383401 (Please use your name as reference)


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