Regarding The profile in general

I first saw Soul Song Cairns perform their annual concert four years ago and was hooked immediately. I could see the joy, feel the love, hear the awesome harmonies and arrangements to songs I would love to sing! Jacqueline's energy and passion is limitless and highly contagious, I have been singing for three years with this awesome Choir and love it more every new song we sing! Search Youtube 'Soul Song Bohemian Rhapsody'!
- Andrew

Soul song is my headspace - I love that there are no auditions - I think I wouldn't have joined if there was.

I also love that no one judges you even if I'm not always in tune ????. My hubby also thinks I'm a happier person since joining????
- Bonnie

My social life has improved since joining Soul Song. My husband sees a big difference in me and is pleased I have found another outlet for me to sing. My older son always wants me to sing nursery rhymes to him. My younger son says “stop singing Mum” - so thanks Soul Song, I have grown a lot personally in my first year with this fantastic choir.
- Cathy

Soul Song makes both my mind and my body feel better! Which for someone who has mental health issues and multiple chronic pain and health issues is very important to me. It helps me get through my week and it is the thing i look forward to in the week.
- Rhiannon

It's what you hope it is and more!!
- Rae

A group of friendly faces uplifted by singing for fun
- Margaret

Soul Song is more than a singing group of people enjoying themselves.

It's about getting to know yourself and how far you can go from being rock bottom to climbing up a damn big hill with ease and determination of not giving up. I'm not at the top but I will be because of this wonderful family of wonderful singers and positive minds.

I believe THAT I'M A BETTER PERSON IF NOT FOR SINGING BUT FOR LOVING WHAT IS IMPORTANT ABOUT LIFE. The voice is being answered. Wish I started earlier when I was first told about this amazing group.

When the tough get singing, the singer gets tough.
- Sonnie


Regarding Jaq's style

Jacqueline Larsen is hands down the best choir master I've ever had.

She made me feel comfortable from the very first day I joined with an easy going, funny and relatable manner. Her choir is inclusive and not exclusive, her directions clear and easy to understand.

I have learned a great deal from Jacqueline Larsen and the soul song choir. Cheers
- Vicki

Inspirational, visionary, energetic, imaginative, talented, selfless and endlessly encouraging. Jaq has created a social network and “singing” family for so many people that has seen many of us through some of our darkest days, creating light and hope where there seem to be none, healing the soul and creating beautiful moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.
- Sarah

Jaq is the most dedicated, skilled and inspiring choir leader. Her energy seems to be endless. She is probably the only choir leader who lives 1600km from her choir, and takes the journey to get here when ever she can and never gives up on us! She has 2 children at home, her third child is Soulsong, the choir in Cairns.
- Claudia

Jaq provides an environment where people of all definitions can come together and feel comfortable. Her talents are exceptional and her leadership qualities are second to none. I personally, owe Jaq my heartfelt thanks for how far I have come since joining her choir.
- Stella

Jacqueline Larsen is an amazing singer, musician and a determined and beautiful person. She is a strong and passionate leader who infects everyone with her enthusiasm and energy. Was that just a definition of the best choir master around?
- Dirk