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Posted By: Jaq Larsen
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Date Posted: Mon, 16 Mar 2020

For a group of enthusiastic singers in Brisbane and Cairns, viral is no longer a dirty word!

Where 2019 was the year of singing in the pub, thanks to Coronavirus, 2020 is shaping up to be the year of singing in your lounge room. But singing on your own is no way near as much fun as doing it with others, so the newly launched Viral Choir is taking rehearsals right into people’s homes.

The choir is part of Soul Song Choirs, a community choir framework that’s have been changing lives through song for 10 years, with choirs in Brisbane and Cairns.  Their music is pop, soul and gospel and their motto is ‘Choir, but not as you know it.’

Soul Song founder and director, Jacqueline Larsen, noticed with great concern that already members of her current choirs were beginning to withdraw from rehearsals in order to protect their own health or the health of immediate family members and decided to take action.

“We are currently facing unprecedented situation that will challenge everything we know about community.  While I 100% support the notion of social distancing, I am also desperately worried that for many people, this could lead to social isolation.  

“I wanted to be able to offer a way for my members to continue to engage with the choir, even if they couldn’t attend rehearsals or if we have to suspend rehearsals for a while.  And then I thought, ‘well, what about everyone else?’ and decided to open it up to anyone.”

The Viral Choir is an online, virtual choir open to anyone regardless of age, musical ability and experience.  Starting with a four week project, they will teach members two pop songs in four part harmony through a mix of live streamed rehearsals and webcast sectionals where people can focus on just their part.  

Members will get to network online and have lots of interaction with the director and other members and, at the culmination of the project, participants will be invited to upload a video of them singing along to be published online as one final virtual choir.  

Then, once the all-clear is given again for large gatherings, they are going to have the mother of all mass sings!!! It will be the most joyful sing along people have ever been a part of. 

Jacqueline continued, “Scientists have proven many times over that the benefits of group singing on your physical and mental health are significant and as a choir director, I get to witness a wonderful transformation in people time and time again.  

“Singing together is also one of the most powerful activities people can do to form deep connections with those around them.  My job is less about forming choirs and more about building communities. I build tribes that are united by song and I’ll be doing everything I can to make this virtual choir feel as real as possible for all involved.”

The viral choir is currently taking expressions of interest ahead of their official program launch in the next week. 
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