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We welcome singers and non singers of all shape, sizes and experience! Basically if you're 13+ and want to sing - you're in. If you don't have any experience in group singing when you first come - it only takes one rehearsal and 'ta-da' your a singer! And then in just a few months, you're likely to find yourself singing in public somewhere with the rest of the group and 'boom' just like that, you're a performer!!!

The number of people who are walking around believing they can't or shouldn't sing is actually terrifying! Some people were told at school when in the school choir and have carried it with them for life and others have heard it from members of their family who have said it 'in love'. Well, as hard as it is to shake this label once you've believed it for a bit, we think you should come along and sing anyway! Very few people are physically incapable of singing in tune and with practice and increased confidence, you'd be amazed what you can achieve. Soul Song Choirs are safe, judgement free places where singers can venture out of the shower and car and discover the joy of singing with others. Together, the strong voices lift the ones that are less confident and, as one, we make a joyful sound! It's not always instantly beautiful but we normally get there!

Absolutely not! We are on a mission to make music accessible to everyone and having more experienced singers is a great way to help encourage those who are new to it. And don't worry about being bored! There are opportunities for section leaders, soloists, small group and more!

Pop, pop, pop, soul, pop, gospel, pop, showtunes, jazz, pop. Get the idea?? We sing songs from all eras and all kinds of artists, to ensure we have something for everyone. You may not love every song that we sing but there will also be those songs that you wake up singing three days after rehearsal and just can't wait to sing again! Our songs are chosen generally because they will make the singers feel something when they sing them and, in turn, make our audiences feel something when they hear them.

Most things with Soul Song are pretty relaxed so whether you perform is entirely up to you and what you're comfortable with. We encourage members to stretch themselves and perform because we think the rush of performance is awesome but there's no judgement or pressure if you choose not to.

Absolutely not. While we have the word 'Soul' in our name and will often rehearse in Church halls (as they are often the only places available and affordable!) we are not a religious group. We work on the basis that singing is good for the Soul (because we know it is) and that's enough for us.

Anyone over 13 is welcome and there's no upper age limit. Because our repertoire is really accessibly and energetic, it's a great activity for families too. We've had grandparents and grandsons come along together, mums and daughters and even three generations of one family!

No! Soul Song Choirs are pretty relaxed groups. Those who come the most will get the most out of it but there’s no compulsion to be there every week and it doesn't matter if you miss a few rehearsals. We are much less about rules and rigid attendance than about just getting people singing! Once you have been to a rehearsal, you will also get access to our extensive member resources where you can download learning tracks and sheet music and more to help you catch up between rehearsals.

There are no joining fees and no hidden fees - you just pay for what you use. Your first rehearsal is free so that you can come along and check us out without obligation. Then when you return you can either pay by the term and save or, if you think you won't be able to come every week, then you can pay on a casual basis on arrival at rehearsal.

Students and Concessions pay $10 per rehearsal; Casual rates are $15 per rehearsal and term fees generally work out to around $12.50 per rehearsal. Weekly fees can be paid via cash or card and term fees by cash, card or direct debit. You'll get all the information on fees and payment options when you sign up.


There are no other hidden fees. You can choose to buy a Soul Song shirt but it's never compulsory and the only other things we charge for are occasional optional workshops with external directors and weekends away or other special activities.


Member fees cover payments to directors, insurance, music purchase and licensing, printing, software, marketing and more. It never goes very far!

The hardest rehearsal is your first but the good news is that we've been doing this for ages and so we think we understand how best to put new members at ease when you arrive.

Science has proven that group singing is one of the quickest way to form bonds with others and so as soon as you start singing with everyone, you'll find it becomes much easier. We also break for tea / coffee and bikkies during rehearsal so you have time to meet other people.


Check out the relevant choir page to get an understanding of the rehearsal experience, what to bring and what to expect.


We will give you a folder and all the lyrics you need once you've signed up. Then each week you come, you just need to bring some water, a highlighter, pen or pencil, your folder and reading glasses if you're of that kind of age!

If you still have questions or want to have a chat before coming along, get in touch! You can email Jaq at or call her on 0412 255587.
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