If there was ever a year we needed a little Christmas Album, 2020 is the one!

So our gift to you is 11 carefully curated, joyful Christmas songs that we hope will remind you, even for just a little while, of the magic of  Christmas and offer you some peace, joy and company through the holiday season.

The songs on the album are:

  • We Need A Little Christmas
  • Gettin' Ready for Christmas
  • What Christmas Means to me
  • It's Christmas Everywhere
  • Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Boogie Woogie Santa
  • North Pole Rock and Roll
  • Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  • Nutcracker Jingles
  • Perfect Christmas Night
  • Gettin' In the Mood for Christmas
You can listen to a little taster here:

The album is available NOW as a digital download or physical CD and you can order your copy via the link below. And why not order one for someone else why you're there - they make great Christmas presents!!!




A little note on our little Christmas Album:


This album features 84 singers from all over the world who have each learned and recorded their songs individually from the lounge rooms, then sent them to us to master them into one full and fabulous choir. 

While we may have learned and recorded them separately, the process of learning the songs virtually has created global connections that will last for years to come. 

This album is evidence that not even a global pandemic is enough to keep the human spirit from singing.  

Soul Song Choirs was founded by Jacqueline Larsen in 2010 and currently has choirs in Cairns and Brisbane. She created in the Viral Choir in March 2020 as a way to keep members of Soul Song singing even when we couldn’t meet together physically.

Very quickly it lived up to its name and we had members joining from all over Australia and far beyond. The voices on this album come from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, England, Scotland, Canada and the USA. 

Jacqueline Larsen taught all songs  virtually via live streamed rehearsals, video tutorials and audio learning tracks. 

The rehearsals would not have been the success that they were without the massive contributions of Harmonie Larsen and Anthony Morris. The impact that their comedy, talent, patience and counsel had should never be underestimated and we are all very grateful.  

The album was mixed by Jacqueline Larsen with additional mastering by Anthony Morris. 

In addition to the album, we have produced the 12 Days of Virtual Choir Christmas videos.  We will be releasing a video for each of these songs every day from 14-25  December 2020, including one bonus song not on this album.  

To catch these videos as they drop, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or follow us on Facebook - just search for Soul Song Choirs on either platform or click here




The bold, courageous  and talented singers who have ventured into the unknown with learning and recording the tracks on this album are listed below. You can also see a full list of exactly who performed on each song here.


Ann Brooker
Ann Henderson-Sellers
Annette Knirim
Carmen Fitzgerald
Erin McInerney
Genevieve Chase
Harmonie Larsen
Imogen Mee
Jacqueline Bakarich
Jeanette Schafer
Jennifer Vroon
Joan Phelan
Josie Buetre
Judith Burgess
Karen McCarthy
Kathryn Mulqueeney
Kathy Peake
Lorraine Lee
Lynne Johnston
Manda Tiernan
Mandy Talbot
Maryse Jansen
Marzena Rolka
Megan Ahern
Nicky Marsh
Rebecca Frith
Rhiannon Williams
Rosan Morgan
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Dunn
Sophie Small
Sue Johnston
Sue Sawyer
Trish Ray


Anthony Morris
Ashley Kerlin
Chris Sims
David Moody
David Vroon
Dianne Lamb
Gail Mercer
Ian Barfoot
Kingsley Cheng
Paul Budde
Susan Chisholm
Thomas Tanaka
Yumico Tanaka


Aleisha Muir
Alison Brannelly
Anne Joyce
Bridget Cartwright
Brooke Robinson
Caren Paffey
Catherine Smith
Gabrielle Bettels-Hoffmann
Jacqueline Larsen
Jada Cheah
Jane Britt
Jenny Noske
Joanne Sarakula
Jody Arthur
Joy Wood
Julie McIlwaine
Karen Bamberry 
Karen Clem
Kate Watkins
Lara Simpson
Laura Connolly
Lorrae Lemond
Lyndi Brennan
Makenzi Goodwin
Margaret Sims
Millie Taylor-Brown
Naomi Chan
Noela Perkins
Patsy Lorkin
Rike Kullack
Rita Scicluna
Sandy Sit
Shannon Karey
Siobhan Jackson
Sue de Jonge
Sue Groesz
Susan Anderson
Theresa Buetre
Trish Ray
Vivienne Taylor