Join us for a one-off virtual choir event

You’re invited to join our Viral Choir singers from around the world for a one-off special singing event that is gauranteed to leave you feeling better than you did before.

For just $10 AUD, you can join a live webinar rehearsal AND get access to video teaching and audio tutorials that will teach you part of a fantastic Australian song that you can then record at home to be part of a mass virtual choir video. No commitment, no experience and no musical ability necessary.

And what’s more, we gaurantee that every single recording submitted will be seen on the final video.


Just $10 gets you:

  • Mp3 recordings of each of the 3 voice parts - high, mid and low
  • A dedicated video tutorial where I'll teach just your part - you and me together!
  • Lyrics and sheet music for the song
  • Access to a 1 hour live, interactive webinar where I'll teach your part of the song
  • Detailed instructions and tips on how to record and submit your video
  • Guaranteed inclusion in the final published video


  • Wednesday 30 June: Registrations open
  • Friday 2 July:  All learning resources available
  • Saturday 3 July: Submissions open
  • Sunday 4 July:  
    • 5-6pm AEST: Live webinar tutorial for HIGH voices  
    • 6-7pm AEST: Live webinar tutorial for MID voices
    • 7-8pm AEST: Live webinar tutorial for LOW voices
  • Saturday 10 July: Submissions close
  • Sunday 11 July-Tuesday 13 July: Video published


The Viral Choir was founded in March 2021 and, to date, has published 45 virtual choir videos so we know what we’re doing! You can find out more about us at www.soulsongchoirs.com.au/viralchoir, you can also see our full playlist of videos here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqstDEhtgSNO578X6MAA2RE1soHxt9b5S

Check out our most recent virtual choir video here:



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